Wednesday, August 1, 2007


My good friend Alvaro Cervantes who is an awesome sculptor (check out the Puro Sculpture link) and probably first inspired me to mess around with sculpting asked that I post some pictures of sculpture that I've done in the past. These were all done on spec in the hopes of some day being limited edition bronze pieces. Nothing really came of them but I did get an artist proof bronze of the Tarzan and the Ratigan so I can't complain. The Ratigan was done with Roma Plastellina while the Hunchback and gargoyles were done in Super Sculpie and Tarzan was done in Chevant. These were great learning experiences and taught me much about sculpting and on a more basic level visualizing the form in three dimensions.


Pete Emslie said...

Hi Carlo,

I had no idea you did such exquisite sculpture. I love the one of Ratigan particularly! One question, though - why is Tarzan getting a colonoscopy? :)

It was great to see you last week when you were back visiting here in Toronto. I really enjoyed seeing you and Alvaro, and meeting your crazy buddy Rob! Next time you're in town, though, I want to finally meet Janice and the kids!



Beautiful work Carlito!!
yOU ARE a very gifted sculptor too.
Don't give up on it.
Nice work man!

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

these are beautiful.

Carlo Lo Raso said...

Thanks everybody.
I never seem to have enough time to do more of this stuff. Perhaps when I retire........