Thursday, May 20, 2010

Toy Story 3 Operation.

Like most people out there I am a huge fan of Pixar and the Toy Story movies. So I was really excited when the fine folks at Hasbro Games asked if I'd like to illustrate the box top and game board for the TS3 version of the classic, Operation.What people might not realize is how far in advance something like this needs to be produced in order to reach the market in time for the movie. I completed these illustrations almost a year ago. As always these things start out with a concept, in this case Buzz is in the repair shop. I started off with a couple of quick sketches to cement the idea. Then there is the back and forth of the creative and approval process. A few rounds of discussion and adjustments until everyone is happy. And then "voila" you have yourself a direction for the final illustration. You paint, then a little more back and forth, you paint some more, a couple of minor tweaks and you're done!
This is the first game I've ever illustrated and it was a very fun experience. The folks at Hasbro were , as always, swell to work with.
The illustrations were done in Photoshop CS4


Sonja Miller said...

Bravo Carlos! We love the pictures and can't wait to see on store shelves. Thanks for blogging this because it introduced my kids to a career they had no idea exsisted. It is great to see their wheels turn when they realize some drew the box top and game board, better yet that they know that someone and he's from Granville Ohio. We are so proud. By the way my oldest is a junior and is looking at chapman university in orange, ca. Do you and Janice know anything about it?

Carlo Lo Raso said...

Thanks Sonja.
I appreciate the compliments. Neither Janice or I are familiar with Chapman. What does your oldest plan on taking?


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

Greats jobs Carlos! :-)

Auburn Elvis said...

Your illustration was great. However, four or five of the tiny white pieces ended up looking almost nothing like the picture - to the point that our family isn't sure if we're placing those in the correct places.

You wouldn't by chance have a copy of the finished game you'd be willing to take a photo of with labels for the pieces would you?