Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've been fortunate enough to illustrate several My Little Pony projects over the years from packaging illustrations to story books. These particular ones were done for packaging and are some of my favorites.


Marcelo Vignali said...

Thanks for stopping by blog, and for the kind comments about my work. Unfortunately, I can't place your face with the name. My appologies, it's been a while since I was at WDI -- about a dozen years ago -- and I'm terrible with names. Can you send me a pic?

By the way, I love these little pony paintings. My daughters would love to have stickers like this. A really excellent job.

Marcelo Vignali said...

I just saw a commerical for the lastest Pony, where the thing talks! It's a big toy, are you involved in the packaging for that one too?

Carlo Lo Raso said...

Hi Marcelo.
I haven't seen the packaging on that particular toy but it may have a piece of my pony art on it. I've illustrated so many pony poses over the years that, depending on the character, they get a good bit of re-use on various product.
BTW, I have 2 little boys so I'm glad your daughters are around to enjoy the ponies! Hey did you ever happen to receive that picture I emailed you?


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

these too. illustrator and photoshop or all illustrator?

Carlo Lo Raso said...

Hey John.
They are digitally inked in Illustrator and then painted in Photoshop.

Bibiana said...

They are sooo nice!! Show us more! :D

Christine said...

Hi there,

I just stumbled on your blog while looking for pics of my favourite My Little Pony, Snow-el. You have my dream job!!

I'm in Toronto too and worked in the film industry as a sculptor for a while.

I LOVE your pony work, I'd like to send you some of mine (even though it pales in comparison) to see what you think.

Lovely LOVELY work!


stephen said...

Just beautiful, any chance you have them in vector format for personal use please?

Anonymous said...
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