Monday, July 9, 2007

So I've finally caught up with everyone else and I've actually put a blog together. Ultimately I'd like to get a full website up to accompany this but in the meantime this should be a fun way to post some work that I've done, keep in touch with others folks, etc.
These first four images were done for Hasbro Toys as a character design exercise. They were done in Photoshop.



Great to see you blogging my friend!
Good stuff man! And don't forget to post some of you're great sculpts.

bigjiminy said...

Beautiful stuff Carlo! Glad to see you're up & bloggin'
Dig into your archives & get more images up here. I'll link ya.

Carlo Lo Raso said...

Thanks guys.
I'll be getting more stuff up shortly, including the sculpts!
This is fun!