Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Happy New Year everyone.
I've always had a thing for stereo equipment. I remember hanging out in the local Hi-Fi shops as a kid and well into my teens, listening to beautiful music coming out of all these great speakers and gear that I could never afford. I spent hours listening, reading and asking questions of store owners regarding all things audio. It was all great fun. In the last couple of years in my search for new speakers for our home theater I came across an internet direct company called AV123. They had a nice little website with beautiful looking speakers, a very reasonable customer return policy and, when I called their office, spoke with a really knowledgeable and swell guy named Sean Parque. Talking with Sean for about half an hour reminded me of those great, informative conversations I had in my Hi-Fi hangouts years ago. It was also clear that Sean wasn't blowing smoke, he knew what he was talking about. So I went and took a chance on a whole home theater package from this little company and I was rewarded with a truly great looking and great sounding system. If that wasn't enough their customer service has been really outstanding. They've been always available to answer questions or concerns and when I had a minor issue with a speaker and the wayward foot of my 4 year old, AV123 sent me a replacement speaker driver under warranty no problems. Now Sean has gone on to do other things at AV123 like getting their new website up and running and I was very surprised and happy when he asked if I would like to do an illustration for their home page. So here's the illustration and here's how to find AV123.