Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fun Product Ideas.

Pulling a giant Hot Dog mat out of a "teeny-tiny" kettle grill has just an unexpected surprise factor.

Anyone who was a fan of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends might get a kick out of this little "wise ass" running around their screen.
I've been in the process of updating my website with some more current work and I've come across several old product ideas that I comped up for various companies to pitch at their brainstorming sessions. Now depending on the job or the deadline or various other factors, my involvement runs the gambit from detailed color renderings with every action explained (with text) to quick "chicken scratch on a napkin" style drawings just to get the idea across. I'm posting a couple of product ideas that I personally found fun. Not so much because they show some advanced level of artistry, but because the ideas are personally appealing to me.